Welcome To Plymouth Village Store

An Old Time Country Store Open 5am-8:30pm Daily

Plymouth Village Store

Plymouth Village Store is conveniently located at the intersection of RT. 7 & RT. 69; 2 miles from I-95 and directly on the ATV and snowmobile trail system.  We are a combination grocery-convenience store and restaurant right near Plymouth Pond.

When you stop into Plymouth Village Store you step back in time to when life was much simpler and you know all your neighbors by name.  This is the type of feeling you get every time you visit our store.

A family owned and operated business, Plymouth Village Store has been an integral member of the Plymouth Village community for over 25 years.

Plymouth Village Store at Night

We hope you enjoy taking a stroll down memory lane and encourage you to also take a look at our modern side, with our unique collection of consignment items including computers and jewelry.

What some of the other things you can find at Plymouth Village Store?


Auto Supplies                               Beer & Wine                                               Beverages

Air                                                       Bud/Bud Light                                              Coke products
Gas/Diesel/Off Road/Kero            Coors Light                                                    Pepsi products
Fix-A-Flat                                          Corona                                                            and MORE…
Oil                                                       IPA
Windshield De-icer                          Miller Light
                                                            Sam Adams
                                                            Mikes Hard Lemonade
                                                            Twisted Tea
                                                            and MORE…


Books                                                  Bread                                                          Candy

We buy/sell/trade                             Sliced bread                                                 Candy & Gum


Cigarettes                                         Coffee                                                      Collectables

Brand name & generic                      Fresh Green Mountain Coffee               Antiques
cigars                                                                                                                      Knives
and MORE…                                                                                                          and MORE…


Dairy                                                   Fishing Supplies                                Grocery Items

Butter                                                   Bait (worms-minnows)                        Non-perishables
Eggs                                                      Hooks                                                        Paper products
Milk                                                      Ice Fishing Supplies                                and MORE…
and MORE…                                        and MORE…


Health & Beauty Items               Hunting Supplies                                Ice

Antacids                                               Ammo                                                        Bag ice
Soap                                                      Clothing
Shampoo                                              Supplies
and MORE…                                        WE ARE A DEER CHECK STATION


Ice Cream                                         Logging Supplies                                 Pet Supplies

Individual Ice Cream                         Chainsaw Chains                                       Cat Food
Half gallons & pints                                                                                                 Dog Food
Hershey’s Products                                                                                                and MORE…
and MORE…


Propane Exchange                        Seasonal Outdoor Items

                                                                              On ATV Trail
                                                                              On Snowmobile Trail


Plymouth Village Store at Night

Let the nostalgia wash over you and enjoy the feeling of a simpler time.  We look forward to seeing you at the Plymouth Village Store.